Somewhere Over the Rainbow: I’m More Than These Walls


Though I am partial to 1978’s The Wiz and its storyline, there is still something in me that will always love and connect to the original Wizard of Oz. For the reason that Judy Garland as Dorothy sang so beautifully:

“Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue – and the dreams that you dare to dream- Really do come true…”

Remember when we were kids and everybody would tell us that we could do and be anything we wanted? And almost all of the Saturday morning commercials would say that “the sky is the limit or dream BIG”? Remember those days?

But the kicker will always be our teachers… who would tell us “if you believe it you can achieve it.”

I often sit back and wonder… if they were all lying?

As we grew into adulthood, we allowed our dreams and all of our hopes to become jaded as a result of circumstance. Just like the belief of the jolly fat man (Santa Clause); our childhood innocence no longer exists because reality has told us the devastating and harsh truths of life. So what now…?

What do you do when you know you are meant for so much more? When the walls that surround you are simply not big enough to contain ALL that is INSIDE of YOU?

And there is a passion and a fire that burn so deep within you that you cannot even begin to explain it… Do we simply settle because of comfort? Should we rearrange our thoughts and dreams in order to make room or fit in with the “norm”? Or worst of all, do we FORGET and write it all off as silly childhood fantasy?

None of the above…

REMEMBER your dreams, RECLAIM your innocence and LIVE your hearts desires. You are more than the four walls that surround you. You have the POWER to re define who society has written you off to be. Despite all of my experiences of pain and struggle, I still believe that:

“If happy little bluebirds fly – Beyond the rainbow – Why, oh why can’t I?”

Do not be afraid to find out what your purpose is but dare to walk boldly in it. Know that you are MORE and that you deserve just that!

When was the moment YOU stopped believing in the RAINBOW and YOUR pot of GOLD?


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