Love & Happiness: Two Little Brown Boys

When people ask me “how does it feel to be a mom?”More often, I have no true enlightening or philosophical answer…
Now that I stop to think. It’s something like an, in awe feeling really. God has given me these two little boys… Their conception happened where the water meets the sand and it was beautiful. It defied science.
I felt them grow inside of me everyday for 37weeks and 6days. Two different people with two completely separate personalities sharing my body. I endured sickness, rashes a heart arrhythmia and double the kicks and punches. Not to mention my body has been through hell and it’s almost back. Well almost…
But more importantly I’ve been entrusted with their lives, happiness and futures. When I look into their eyes I just want to keep them innocent and safe forever. Untainted by the world, people in it and the ill experiences that might occur. I want to keep them untarnished and beautiful.
When I look at my sons these two beautiful little brown boys. I want them to know and understand they are kings and have no choice but be burdened to become great men.
When I look at my sons I see perfection and I know that looking at and loving them is as close to God as I’m going to get in this life. Becoming a mother has slowed me down and taught me to live for the moments that we can never get back. It has allowed me to revel in the beauty and face of God.
Being a mommy has truly given me what I have longed for my entire life…Happiness!



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