Life May Present Obstacles…..But Learn Persevere

Show me someone who has lived an obstacle free life and I’d be willing to bet he hasn’t lived.

Obstacles are a natural occurrence in life. The type of obstacles you may face definitely depends on the path you choose to take in life and the obstructions that come along with that route.

Treading lightly, sometimes seems to help avoid the curves that may lie ahead, however no matter how slow you may trod, the truth is, you must experience some type of obstacle in order to embrace and appreciate the gift of perseverance.

The recent events that occurred at the Boston Marathon really touch on overcoming obstacles. I think about the time, energy and strength these runners have invested in preparing for such an event, and I must admit, it is pure dedication. I could not imagine finally reaching the finish line or seeing it so clear in the distance, only to have your life altered.

It is sad that someone only thought of what was important to him or herself, as they executed this heinous act. It is obvious that they didn’t think about the individuals who would be injured or killed, neither their families involved in running and watching the marathon.

After seeing numerous graphic pictures of blown off limbs, blood splatter and terrified runners and bystanders, I am still in shock.

My initial reaction was sadness for the runners. Life changed in the blink of an eye, dreams were stolen, goals were deterred and happiness turned into a crime scene. Some how each person that has been affected by this tragedy will slowly begin to pick the pieces of their lives up and persevere over the events that occurred at the Boston Marathon. The road won’t be easy and some may not complete the journey, however one thing is for certain, we all face obstacles. Now the depth or severity of those obstacles will depend on each and every one of our life paths, but we will experience them. How we handle them, will determine whether we will ultimately reign victorious or not.

The Boston Marathon Explosion, Newtown Shootings and Aurora Shooting, seem to teach s nothing as a nation. How many more lives will it take for us to wake up as a nation? How many more parents and children in mourning will it take to realize we aren’t stringent enough in regards to those who actually break the law? We didn’t learn in 1963 when the 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed, we didn’t learn with the Oklahoma City bombings, 9/11 woke us up and now we have the Boston Marathon bombing. What will it take to get better weapon regulation in the United States and more so more stringent regulation on materials to make said weapons.

As a nation concerned with bath salts, mollies, and amphetamines, it’s time we avert our attention and take a serious look at the bigger issues, gun and weapon control.



About msznicole

Life has been a calming sea of smiles and a series of erupting volcanoes for me over the last few years. I'm just trying to enjoy each moment as they occur for the time being.

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