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Cooking with FEAR

I love to cook! I love to try new recipes especially when my gray (my grandmother) teaches me how to cook her famous dishes. I love trying out new ingredients. Although I’m no Iron Chef, I can burn a little.

I’ve learned my greatest meals are created when I’m fearless and cooking with passion.  My gray would call that “cooking with love”. The time that goes into preparing a great meal, is the same as striving to reach your goals. It takes fearlessness and passion.

One day I tried to make my gray’s banana pudding. Honey, let’s just say I messed that thang up! I called my gray and this is what she said:  “stop Cooking with FEAR”… of course I asked what do you mean? In her infinite wisdom she said “cooking with FEAR will starve your faith”. “You have to believe in yourself and have faith in the process that I showed you”. “You can’t rush it, you have to cook it slow”.  Although, she was referring to cooking that jewel of wisdom can be applied to life. I quickly learned the only way to “stop Cooking with FEAR” was to get into God’s word because it’s full of faith ingredients.

Live your life FEARLESS and full of PASSION after all your next meal depends on it!

I’ll Holla!


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