Art & Strange Fruit

strange fruit
I AM the work of a mind greater than that of Picasso
Even more innovative, profound and compelling than the canvases touched by Andy Warhol or Toulouse Lautrec
But we’ve been hoodwinked
We’ve been bamboozled
We were told we could DO anything
BE anything
Put our minds to it we could ACHIEVE ANYTHING
But the sum of our achievements are numbered in exterminating ourselves
Whatever the risk factor
Be it alcoholism, prostitution or delinquency
We’ve even allowed the industry to control our frequencies
And uh;
Due to Huck Finn we’re tuned in everyday
The only news updates we get are from
“What up ya’ll, it’s ya boy SWAY”
It’s all about that dolla
Hoods breed Hustlers, NOT scholars
Brenda’s got a baby BUT WHERE’S the FATHER
Is he on the block with his thing cocked
Possibly sittin on a drop
Or could we find him up North in the yard playing horse
Woe is me its been a buck something years since slaves were set free
Yet still some of us can even read
Now that’s some strange fruit
Beautiful people we’ve been DUPED


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