Niv’s Notables: Oozing in GREATNESS

I mentor college students specifically, young ladies in my spare time. I’m always so intrigued at their response when I ask them “What do you need to do to become the best version of yourself and do you want to be successful or significant?” The responses they give. They vary from graduating from college to finding a husband and I want to become successful in the process. What often baffles me is that they never think of finding their inner peace or greatness within themselves prior to obtaining all of these “things”. The question then becomes do you want to be a major bust or a minor success? That question always gets strange looks. They do not understand that it is not enough to just to be successful you have to be GREAT!

Greatness is that one thing that everyone strives for but seldom achieve. When you decide that you’re going to chase GREATNESS, that means your value on being significant outweighs your desire to be successful. GREATNESS will always empower others, GREATNESS attracts GREATNESS and GREATNESS is almost never polite. For example, when God decided to flex his muscle and create the Heavens and the Earth; he didn’t do it in a polite manner; he DEMANDED for birds to chirp and eagles to fly!

GO BE GREAT, GO DEMAND some things in your life; because when you’re well behaved seldom will you make herSTORY. After all herSTORY is only herSTORY because GREATNESS made it so.

I’ll Holla!!!

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