First time Mom Insomnia Part 2: Confessions of the Sleep Deprived

cosleepingOk so you didn’t actually stop writing yet to snuggle because things are just spilling over. But as your writing progresses it seems as Thing Two is intentionally knocking the pacifier out of both his and his brothers mouths. Thing One stays sleep luckily and just proceeds to suck on his fingers Loudly! I hear you asking, yes they are sleeping in the same bassinet right now it’s the only way we all can actually get some sleep around here. We went through many stages figuring out how to comfortably get them to sleep. When we first got home from the hospital they were in the same bassinet but then our pediatrician said no put them in separate ones. It worked for a while then they didn’t like it. Then they slept with us in our beds for two weeks then once they fell asleep we would try to sneak them in the bassinet. And it seemed as soon as we put them down their eyes opened so wide. Recently, I have been co sleeping with both of them in our bed. Not good for my honey… Trying to develop the sleep rhythm has been quite interesting and ever changing. One of the biggest lessons of motherhood I have learned thus far is no matter how many books you read or advice is given. You have to find what’s best for YOU and YOUR family.


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  1. Very true, no book can tell you about your family. My little one sleeps better on his tummy. Everything says put them on their back but he will only sleep for about 30mins I swear. On his tummy we get up to 4-5 hours. We keep a close eye on him though, we’re not dumb!

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