Oil Pastel

Really and truly my love is asthmatic

The type that’ll make you lose ya breath like Destiny’s Child

That’s why I’m searching or a love that’s floetic, poetic

Forget it I want that shit to be electric

I want my man to come into my room and share my bed

And tell me he respects me

But rather for he and I to live as husband and wife

In order for us to build a foundation that is unbelievably tight

While in the midst of us creating a family

Our two bodies will form an oil painting

By this verb we will become one heart and one mind

And hopefully remain as such until the end of time

Take me as I am

Sleepy eyes and swollen lips

I want long talks and good lovin in the morning

Massages when the body is callin

But at the end of the day when we begin to lay

I want him to tell me that he is my king

And I am his queen

Then together we will pray to never awake from this dream


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