The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Double Trouble

mother and twins

My sons are 4 months and beyond amazing.  They are talking and cooing and possess such silly personalities already! Thank the lord they are past the high maintenance stage; they only cry when they are really hungry or tired. Other than that they are all smiles and bright eyed.

They are the sweetest little people ever, I swear.  However, I truly believe that they are beginning to master the art of their twin telepathic language. For the past couple of days every time nap-time rears its ugly head head. I get one that will fall into a deep slumber rather peacefully while his counterpart needs to be cuddled and rocked for comfort. Nevertheless, it never fails once I get one of my “things” (my children) to sleep his brother is wide eye looking at me with the death stare :)! And I promise he begins to let out the loudest bellowing coo  as if to try to wake up his brother.  It is both quite frustrating and hilarious at the same time! Needless to say, nap-time consists of multiple cat naps through out the day.

Is this my lot in life? 🙂


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