Niv’s Notables: “Dig Me”

Like most of America I am totally obsessed with SCANDAL. I love watching it and I love even more how they are depicting life, lust and love. It has often been said that life is purely black and white. That couldn’t be further from the truth life is full of gray. Especially, when it comes to the dealings of  love. In a recent episode Olivia told Fitz that “if you want me, EARN me”. Girl, can I say that Fitz did just that!

Now, recently I was watching Steve Harvey and he said something so profound. He said “that anything of value in this world, you must dig for them”. In order to attain some of the worlds most precious resources you have to DIG millions of miles below the earth’s surface to find them. Be it water, oil and even every woman’s favorite item diamonds. What I find interesting is that as women we love what that diamond represents, but we don’t require men to DIG for our value.

When God created Eve he had to create her by uncovering Adams ribs; he had to go digging. When he created Adam he didn’t uncover anything because he already created the heavens and the Earth. Understand this, when an Archaeologist performs a dig, months and months of research goes into that dig. They hardly ever consider what happens if they don’t discover anything because they understand that the mere opportunity to attain what they are looking for is more important.

Archaeologist will discover one or two things, either they will find what they were looking for or discover something new. When you go digging you always find something. That is what’s so profound about this digging concept. If you never require him to dig for you how will he ever discover your value or worth? The Bible confirmed  this concept by stating: he who FINDS a wife will find a good thing. You see, it is all about the dig.

So, I say to my sisters understand you’re worth the dig. Make him earn you, dig for you and most of all love the total you. After all we are considered one of most valuable resources in this world.

I’ll Holla


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