“I’m Not Your Superwoman”!

Superwoman Juggling

I said this to my husband the other day out of frustration for something I was being asked to do in the middle of the three other things I was doing at the same damn time! Once I said it, I began to think about all the things I do as a parent, wife, part-time student, full time worker and a friend. It’s a lot. It’s hectic maintaining a household including bills, grocery shopping and general maintenance (supervising the “honey-do” list). Add to that being a parent of two small children and keeping track of school events and extra-curricular activities, helping with homework and washing clothes. On top of all that, being a wife has its own responsibilities that don’t need to be mentioned (you’re grown – use your imagination).

What I realized about myself is that I can do it all!! As a woman, I believe I am uniquely gifted for the responsibility. Not to say a man can’t do the same thing but he surely can’t make it look so good 🙂 There is something in me that allows me to mentally separate the tasks for the day into categories depending on which role I’m in. I sometimes surprise myself how I know exactly where an item is when the kids and hubby have searched for it for a considerable amount of time. It puzzles me at times how I can remember particular dates and deadlines while also keeping tracks of what bills need to be paid, when and how much. As a parent, I am required after a bad day to come home and nurture and comfort my child hurt over a classmate’s betrayal and who knows nothing of real problems.

This is not to say, I am perfect and I do everything right. Sometimes, I forget to wash the uniforms and end up scrambling in the morning to find suitable attire for the day. Sometimes, I don’t feel like cooking and the kids have cereal for dinner and hubby fends for himself. Sometimes, I simply am not in the mood. However, in spite of all that – I do declare that I am superwoman! Sometimes, though, I just want to lay my cape to the side and eat ice cream while watching mindless reality shows . That is what I should’ve said to my husband.


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