“Live the life you want TODAY!”


What are you waiting for? By “you” I’m speaking to myself as well.

 Many of us are just waiting around:

  • Waiting for the new job
  • Waiting for school to end or slow down
  • Waiting for him or her to come around
  • Waiting for others
  • Waiting for our money to “get right”
  • Waiting for…….

This list goes on. We are full to the brim with reasons as to why we cannot work out, eat right, do community service, tithe, etc… Why? Is it because we are waiting for all of the proverbial stars to align?

“Well, when I get this new job I will start to tithe”

“When I get my life together I will start working out again”

“When ______(fill in the blank) I will start to eat right”

I’ll do all the stuff I keep pushing off…another day; tomorrow, next week…heck next year!

Why do we do that?

Now patience is a virtue; therefore, some element of waiting is absolutely necessary and warranted. I agree whole heartedly that nothing is done in our own time, but in God’s time. He laughs at some of these plans we make for ourselves, especially when he is not included in every step of the planning process (hints why it is extremely important to remain prayerful).

However, I believe that on many occasions we are in fact our OWN greatest hindrance. We hold ourselves back. God is telling us to move but we don’t. Whether it be due to a fear of failure (or in many cases success), laziness, or complaisance. We ignore the nudge to move forward and in turn become stagnant. Doing the same old thing expecting different results (Is that not the definition of insanity?…right)

Here’s the remedy:

If it’s on your heart make it happen

The time is NOW for many of us to start Moving! Let’s not wait until tomorrow, for as you all know, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

You either find a way; or an excuse…Which do you choose? I for one chose finding a way.

  • Find a way to spend time with GOD, through prayer and self-meditation EVERYDAY (center myself)
  • Find a way to pay it forward (give more, share more, do more)
  • Find a way to tithe (after all it all belongs to Him anyway)
  • Find a way to remain positive
  • Find a way to get my business of the ground
  • Find a way to reach out to that person I have been meaning to speak to but it keep “slipping my mind”
  • Find a way to work out regularly (even when I’m tired)
  • Find a way to pamper myself every so often (nothing excessive a $30 Mani Pedi once a month will NOT break the bank)
  • Find a way to spend time with loved ones
  • Find a way to spend time pursuing my passion or indulging in a favorite hobby (an artistic outlet) 

All in all the key is to start now..

What are you waiting for? ……….Write a list, make it plain, & start today

 Be Blessed

♥ The Quarter-Life Misfit


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