To Do

” To Do

You don’t see me

just a blur, of action

Lists and dates, a task and a deadline

You don’t see me

Just a glimpse of a shadow

Running to and fro

You don’t see me

Just things to do”


I’ve always prided myself on being able to multi-task and being a great organizer. I have my days planned so things move like clockwork (most of the time). I don’t actually schedule down to the detail but more like “I need to have this done by 7” or “by 8:30 I’ll start working on such and such”. My weekends are planned down to the very last minute that the kids go to bed. Even after the kiddies are slumbering, I plan my “relaxation” time after calculating how much actual sleep time I will get before my early morning run.

I am so bad that when my husband and I last vacationed in Jamaica, I had our days planned and got upset when things didn’t go the way I scheduled them. And I was on vacation! However, after 6 years in this parenting game, two kids, 3 years of marriage and too many years of being back in school, I want to be able to live off schedule! But I don’t think I can shut down that internal clock. Even when I try not to schedule or plan, I still see my day as increments of measured space.

My hope is that I can find a way to slow down and stop looking at the clock. Too often, I lay down to sleep and begin thinking about what I have to do the next day, never stopping to thank God for the day I’ve had. I understand that time is precious and I want to enjoy every moment I have. So starting today, I will stop clock watching and enjoy my time instead of just spending it.


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