My Thoughts on Daddy’s Day


With Father’s Day approaching many thoughts are going through my mind. What feelings does this day bring about for single mothers? What about dads who have left their children? What about sperm donors? One of the most pressing thoughts, though, is how do I make Father’s Day just as important as Mother’s Day?

I get why Mother’s Day is so special. Mothers do all of the grunt work; we sacrifice our bodies, our comfort, and essentially our pre-parental way of life. Fathers on the other hand have more of a choice; they can choose to stay or leave, be supportive or be a dead-beat, be just a father or continue as a family. For the men that make the right choice I think Father’s Day should be just as big as Mother’s Day.

For me Mother’s Day was always a big deal while growing up. Plans were made in advance and we did everything possible to make sure my mom knew how much she was loved and appreciated, even if just for a day. But when it came to Father’s Day we lagged around and did just the minimum, sometimes it felt like we did things just to celebrate the day more than the man. And what makes it even more weird is that my dad was there; we weren’t kids of a single parent home, separated parents, blended family, none of that.

As this is the first time I get to celebrate Father’s Day with a family of my own, I want to make sure that Father’s Day is just as big and as important as Mother’s Day. My son’s father deserves it. And I want my son to know that dad is a vital part of this family, the head of our household, the leader of our pack, and without him our lives would be completely different.

So if you are blessed enough to know your child’s father, one, be thankful. Secondly, if you are blessed enough that your child(ren) have a relationship with their father, celebrate. Celebrate if dad is there to provide love, support, finances, and a good example. Celebrate the man, not just the day.


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