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LAST WP.COM POST WE ARE MOVING TO WP.ORGwhere-dreams-meet-reality-174099

Hello everyone! I wanted to reach out to the followers of this blog and let you all know how grateful we are to have you all along for this ride with us. I have been against switching urls for a while but in order to grow it was time to do just that.

Material Mayhem, Inc. has some very big plans in its future and it is our hope that you see all of our dreams come into fruition. So this will be the last post on our blog as we  have upgraded our site to! If you love us and want to continue to get your daily dose of Material Mayhem Entertainment please follow us.

We love you all!




Tia Mowry for PETA

I am absolutely obsessed with the Mowry twins from their blog ( to their Style Network show aptly titled “Tia & Tamera” (new season premieres Sunday, July 14, 8/7 c)!

Anyway, I saw Tia’s new ad as a spokes model for PETA and I was inspired. I work in the entertainment industry and in this business and almost everyone around me is either a vegetarian or vegan.

Veganism: /ˈviːgənɪzəm/) is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals. A follower of veganism is known as a vegan.

I have definitely been interested in applying this diet in my life. However, I am ignorant of everything it entails and I have so many questions…Is it expensive to be a vegan? Can I still eat fish at least? (probably NOT)! What if my sons and significant other don’t want to join me in this process, how could I be successful in embarking on such a journey?


Magna Carta Holy Grail

First and foremost I am an Apple girl all day! But everyone who knows me understand the love I have for Mr. Carter.

This commercial was played during the Game 5 of the NBA Finals and I have to tell you it was #everything. Only Jay Z can manage to get a room full of all of these great men together.

The album, “Duality of how you navigate your way through this whole thing, you know through success through failures through all this and remain yourself.” Is that not the beauty of life? …

The internet is the “Wild Wild West”, Material Mayhem is staking claim.

Looking forward to July 4th!

Happy Father’s Day!

I would like to say happy father’s day to all of the men who are fathers ! Anyone can make a baby but it takes a REAL man to be a Father! One of my favorite father son songs here is Will Smith with “Just the Two of Us”!


Happy Father’s Day

This Video is dedicated to all the amazing men who are fathers! Angie Stone’s “Brotha”.

Enjoy your day!

Sensual Saturdays’: Video of the Day

Happy Saturday all! Yep, I had to do it to y’all, today’s video is from the Diva of all Divas. The Butterfly herself miss Mariah Carey.

I don’t care what anybody says the girl is a class act and a fellow momma of twins! Her life story is inspiring “From the girl who only had one pair of shoes, now I have many”. It goes to show that hard work and dedication to your craft and purpose will bless you beyond your wildest dreams! Keep pressing and don’t forget to love along the way everybody!

Here is Mariah Carey’s 1995 hit “Always be my Baby”!


The ART of Parenting Twins



“I’ve come to view the experience of raising twins as similar to preparing an expedition to climb Mount Everest. You wouldn’t expect to set off on such a grueling adventure without a complete and first- rate support system…And yet, as exhausting and difficult as the process is, the adventure is unparalleled and worth the sacrifice.”

~Patricia Maxwell Malmstrom & Janet Poland

The Diary of a First Time Mom of Twins: Bills, Breast Feeding & Balancing Acts

Am I a Failure as a Mother?


Being a mom can be very overwhelming at times. I find myself sad and feeling guilty now that I am back at work.  Lately I have been feeling that flooding feeling and experiencing temporary moments of insanity. I’d rather  be home with my babies; But I have to go to work right now (putting positive work at home/ entrepreneurial thoughts into the atmosphere)!

I feel like I am a bad mother because I stopped breastfeeding my babies at 4 month old. Somewhere between my Tuesday snicker, glass of red wine and going back to work my milk supply dried up to where I was really just producing vapors. And when I gave it the last final try my boys were screaming inconsolably from hunger. Now that I really think about it I am really saddened by being unable to feed my babies. Am I selfish? Could I have taken better care of my self? I feel like I cheated them:(.

Then I feel like I am missing their milestones like rolling over and their coos. They are making the transition to pureed foods and I feel so drained by the time I get home, that I feel as though I am not effectively doing everything I need to do to spearhead this huge transition. When I wake up during the week I try to make sure they have fresh diapers and they’ve at least eaten 5 oz and by the time I get home they are still up but cranky from their day. Once I give baths it’s time for possibly their second to last bottle, before I put them down at night. Then I try to read them a story every night but by the time they have their cereal bottle they are out or I am just too tired to decipher the tongue twisters of Dr. Seuss. But no matter how much I do… Sometimes I feel like I am failing them…

Though people have tried there is no way one can bottle this job (Motherhood) into a book. Even though “How to be a Mother for Dummies” is a hilarious title. The stress of wanting to be “the perfect mom” is definitely real. I beat myself up when I am a minute late picking my sons up from daycare. I imagine their little faces and their huge eyes filling up with tears and wonderment like “Where is my mommy”? “Why oh why has she forsaken us”? A bit dramatic for 5 month olds but if they are anything like their mother I am sure that is exactly where their minds and mouths will go once they are able to talk.

Now that I am a mother I truly understand when parents say “I tried my best”… This thing of motherhood better yet PARENTHOOD is both a GROWING PROCESS as well as a JOURNEY and trust me this thing is NOT for the faint hearted.


A Mother & A Life Perfectionist

Wrong-side of a Love Song

You don’t know me…
How could you love me?
Sometimes I think you are in love with the perception of me…
Constant war, constant drama, Constant conflict
Saddened; heart heavy, MISUNDERSTOOD
Bad guy/ girl
Wrong, Ugly, Pain
Tears welling… Fighting to hold back.
Falsehood, not genuine. Scoffs…
You don’t know me
How could you love me?
Immaturity… Grow up…
PLEASE… lets mature together
Why do you hate me?
What have I done?
Love me. Be present. Talk. Communication.
Why am I negative in your mind? What have I done?
Self Control. Self Analysis
How did we get here?
Lets get back to love…
Dreams of love become mountains of being loneliness..
Alone. Cold. Numb.
Nothingness. Meaningless.
Pain. Love. Fear. Courage.
You. Me. Us. We…
Can we grow?

Double Refined