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Niv’s Notables: The Power of the Pen

I’m a true believer of the thought that the impossible is possible. Therefore I create vision boards and write notes to place in my God’s Can. I’m constantly writing and quoting my daily I AMs. All of these tools I use to put some of my dreams and positive energy in the universe.

In undergraduate I was a Resident Assistant. We were responsible for attending trainings and doing programs. During my last semester I my Hall Director conducted a training called “God’s Can”. In this training she gave us all a tuflware bowls with God’s Can written on them. She then instructed us to write our prayers, hopes and dreams on a piece of paper and place it into the bowl. After she read the scripture Habakkah 2:2 “Write down the vision and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the vision awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.” I complied with her instructions but with hesitation.

Like most “graduating seniors” I was more concerned with graduating than to be consumed with things that were so trivial so I thought. A week before I was scheduled to graduate I was told that I owed the school over 20,000 dollars. Yes, that’s correct $20,000! I was also informed that it had to be paid in full in order for me to graduate. Of course after hearing this news I was devastated. I then realized that I had to explain to my mother why there will be no graduation in my future. I called my mother she was obviously upset. She then asked me what was I going do to about it because she did not have the money. I wanted to snap because I surely didn’t have it. With tears streaming down my face I remembered my God’s Can. I prayed then started writing things down on a pad and placing in in my can. The first being Graduation 2003 more specifically God I need this to happen a week from today. The following Friday my mother called saying she had a check for the amount I needed. Now y’all know I shouted across that stage.

There is power in the pen. If you were to read “The Secret” they would call this the law of attraction. They would tell you that what ever energy you put out in the universe good or bad you will get it in return. I call it the power of the pen.

Write down your vision for your life in great detail. From how you would like you family to operate. To the job or car you want to drive. It is all relevant. If you understand that every vision is God given then you know that it has to come to pass. The key is knowing that it will happen at an appointed time. Don’t rush it enjoy the journey. While you travel though it keep writing. The more you write the more you will see it manifest. The bigger the better. Challenge God with the big stuff and watch him blow your mind.

After all if you can achieve your vision without God then you might not be using his pen.

I’ll Holla


Niv’s Notables: “Dig Me”

Like most of America I am totally obsessed with SCANDAL. I love watching it and I love even more how they are depicting life, lust and love. It has often been said that life is purely black and white. That couldn’t be further from the truth life is full of gray. Especially, when it comes to the dealings of  love. In a recent episode Olivia told Fitz that “if you want me, EARN me”. Girl, can I say that Fitz did just that!

Now, recently I was watching Steve Harvey and he said something so profound. He said “that anything of value in this world, you must dig for them”. In order to attain some of the worlds most precious resources you have to DIG millions of miles below the earth’s surface to find them. Be it water, oil and even every woman’s favorite item diamonds. What I find interesting is that as women we love what that diamond represents, but we don’t require men to DIG for our value.

When God created Eve he had to create her by uncovering Adams ribs; he had to go digging. When he created Adam he didn’t uncover anything because he already created the heavens and the Earth. Understand this, when an Archaeologist performs a dig, months and months of research goes into that dig. They hardly ever consider what happens if they don’t discover anything because they understand that the mere opportunity to attain what they are looking for is more important.

Archaeologist will discover one or two things, either they will find what they were looking for or discover something new. When you go digging you always find something. That is what’s so profound about this digging concept. If you never require him to dig for you how will he ever discover your value or worth? The Bible confirmed  this concept by stating: he who FINDS a wife will find a good thing. You see, it is all about the dig.

So, I say to my sisters understand you’re worth the dig. Make him earn you, dig for you and most of all love the total you. After all we are considered one of most valuable resources in this world.

I’ll Holla

Niv’s Notables: Oozing in GREATNESS

I mentor college students specifically, young ladies in my spare time. I’m always so intrigued at their response when I ask them “What do you need to do to become the best version of yourself and do you want to be successful or significant?” The responses they give. They vary from graduating from college to finding a husband and I want to become successful in the process. What often baffles me is that they never think of finding their inner peace or greatness within themselves prior to obtaining all of these “things”. The question then becomes do you want to be a major bust or a minor success? That question always gets strange looks. They do not understand that it is not enough to just to be successful you have to be GREAT!

Greatness is that one thing that everyone strives for but seldom achieve. When you decide that you’re going to chase GREATNESS, that means your value on being significant outweighs your desire to be successful. GREATNESS will always empower others, GREATNESS attracts GREATNESS and GREATNESS is almost never polite. For example, when God decided to flex his muscle and create the Heavens and the Earth; he didn’t do it in a polite manner; he DEMANDED for birds to chirp and eagles to fly!

GO BE GREAT, GO DEMAND some things in your life; because when you’re well behaved seldom will you make herSTORY. After all herSTORY is only herSTORY because GREATNESS made it so.

I’ll Holla!!!

Niv’s Notables

Cooking with FEAR

I love to cook! I love to try new recipes especially when my gray (my grandmother) teaches me how to cook her famous dishes. I love trying out new ingredients. Although I’m no Iron Chef, I can burn a little.

I’ve learned my greatest meals are created when I’m fearless and cooking with passion.  My gray would call that “cooking with love”. The time that goes into preparing a great meal, is the same as striving to reach your goals. It takes fearlessness and passion.

One day I tried to make my gray’s banana pudding. Honey, let’s just say I messed that thang up! I called my gray and this is what she said:  “stop Cooking with FEAR”… of course I asked what do you mean? In her infinite wisdom she said “cooking with FEAR will starve your faith”. “You have to believe in yourself and have faith in the process that I showed you”. “You can’t rush it, you have to cook it slow”.  Although, she was referring to cooking that jewel of wisdom can be applied to life. I quickly learned the only way to “stop Cooking with FEAR” was to get into God’s word because it’s full of faith ingredients.

Live your life FEARLESS and full of PASSION after all your next meal depends on it!

I’ll Holla!