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Blissful Love

Where did they create you?

If I could I would duplicate you.

You’re like something not of this world, the dream man of every little girl

Your style, swag, class, and just the right amount of bad ass.

I often wonder what did I do to earn you?

I loved you before I fully learned you.

And like India said, even the things I don’t like I’m cool with because all of that other drama and bull you don’t make me fool with.

Sometimes I feel guilty when sharing stories with other women, but at the same time eager to tell about the blessing I’ve been given.

Why can’t every woman experience only this? This love isn’t ignorance, it is pure



Wrong-side of a Love Song

You don’t know me…
How could you love me?
Sometimes I think you are in love with the perception of me…
Constant war, constant drama, Constant conflict
Saddened; heart heavy, MISUNDERSTOOD
Bad guy/ girl
Wrong, Ugly, Pain
Tears welling… Fighting to hold back.
Falsehood, not genuine. Scoffs…
You don’t know me
How could you love me?
Immaturity… Grow up…
PLEASE… lets mature together
Why do you hate me?
What have I done?
Love me. Be present. Talk. Communication.
Why am I negative in your mind? What have I done?
Self Control. Self Analysis
How did we get here?
Lets get back to love…
Dreams of love become mountains of being loneliness..
Alone. Cold. Numb.
Nothingness. Meaningless.
Pain. Love. Fear. Courage.
You. Me. Us. We…
Can we grow?

Like You

See it’s you that I admire

Your style reflects the beauty of God

It’s so hard for me to fathom

I am blinded by your greatness

That’s why I look away

I strive to be closer to you

To be more like you is my heart’s desire

I couldn’t sleep this morning because

Your style reflects the beauty of God



Is the first day of the rest of my life

No pain

No gain

The early bird catches the worm

Forget that I want the money, power and wisdom

Your respect will be duly noted

Let me make it clear before you misconstrue…

See here is the underlying truth

I’m not cocky…But confident

Because I know the God that determines my faith

See Christ determined my fate

Therefore, I fear no man

No woman…no cry

Because at the end of the day

I know where I’ll rest when I die

See I’m the last of a dying…Nah forget that

I am a completely different breed

Cultivated from a very different seed

I am a BRAND

Marketed, packaged and customly made just for you


Is the first day of the rest of my life

Oil Pastel

Really and truly my love is asthmatic

The type that’ll make you lose ya breath like Destiny’s Child

That’s why I’m searching or a love that’s floetic, poetic

Forget it I want that shit to be electric

I want my man to come into my room and share my bed

And tell me he respects me

But rather for he and I to live as husband and wife

In order for us to build a foundation that is unbelievably tight

While in the midst of us creating a family

Our two bodies will form an oil painting

By this verb we will become one heart and one mind

And hopefully remain as such until the end of time

Take me as I am

Sleepy eyes and swollen lips

I want long talks and good lovin in the morning

Massages when the body is callin

But at the end of the day when we begin to lay

I want him to tell me that he is my king

And I am his queen

Then together we will pray to never awake from this dream


Biggie said it best

The sky is the limit you can have what you want be what you want

Because this is my moment

I will take the time to cultivate my gift

And own it

Walking in my purpose feels so good

In this moment

In this time

I truly know what it feels like to be free

Nervous, Anxious and excited

But happy to be me

No one and no other place

I’d rather be

Young, gifted, Black

And wrapped in ambition

No more pain

No more pain

No more drama

Tears of darkness and doubt float away

Only joy and unyielding hope remain

But see I’m seeking more than just fortune and fame

Maybe you’re not listening

I need to say it plain

This is more than a fabrication

It’s a known fact

I’m going soar to higher heights

Cause heaven aint hard to find


Inspired by Lauryn Hill’s “I got to find Peace of Mind”


See I know there is more to life outside these walls

I know more exist

Maybe somewhere over the rainbow

I could fly

If only I could make it outside these walls

But the voice in my head

Is saying I got to find peace of mind

The world is saying it’s impossible

But I know it’s possible

If only I could make it outside these walls

I’m undone because

All that I know is gone

That old me is left behind

My desire is pure

I am inspired to be the higher me

She is who I desire to be

The world says it’s not possible

But I know it’s possible

Every day is a new opportunity

I want to learn how to live

If only I could make it outside these walls

Sometimes I feel like I’m prisoner

But now I’m sober

I know where the wild things are

So I recognize the error of my ways

No longer blind to potential

Show me new possibilities

I want to go to higher heights

If only I could make it outside these walls

The world says it’s impossible

But I know it’s possible

Tears for the Little Girl

Based on the poem written by: Antoine Fisher

Written Thursday, November 30, 2005

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See I’m so far gone

I’m the one it’s raining on

 So distant from reality

Is this calm

Or is it darkness

Here read my palm

I wonder do you see me

Really do you see me?

The Burden that I carry

Feels like the cross

My thoughts race

Chest burns, Heartache

I’m the furthest thing from calm

Charming Way

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